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DF-2 Decline/Flat Bench

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DF-2 Flat / Decline Bench
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The Valor Fitness DF-2 Decline and Flat Bench is the best in its class when it comes to a decline bench and AB crunch board. Most steep declines put unwanted pressure on the lower back, but the DF-2 bench gives your back the support it needs. The extra pad behind the calves, along with the ankle rollers for shin supports, distribute the pressure away from your knees and back. Constructed of heavy-duty, solid Steel for strength and stability throughout the frame. (Steel frame measures 2 in. X 2 in.) And dual-layered, 2 in. thick, Vinyl padding to withstand intense stress during workouts. The back-pad measures 47.5 in. long and tapers from 13.75 in. to 9.75 in. Additionally, the DF-2 Bench adjusts in 5 different positions to fit your exercise needs. Including a flat position that measures 18 in. from the top of the pad off the ground. Warranty 3-year frame, 2-year pad, 1-year hardware.

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