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DG-2 Stationary Bench
DG-2 Stationary Bench

DG-2 Stationary Bench

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DG-2 Stationary Bench
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The Valor Fitness DG-2 Stationary Upright Bench is the perfect fit for your home or light-commercial gym allowing you to comfortably perform a variety of seated dumbbell exercises, as well as some with a barbell. With a steel frame measuring 2.75” x 2”, the DG-2 has a tripod base and features a U-shaped base at the rear for stability. For further stability, this upright bench also has rubber end caps to encase each foot which also serves to prevent scratching and other damage to your gym floor. The high-density, dual layered vinyl seat and back padding is designed to withstand intense stress and pressure during exercises such as shoulder presses, bicep curls, tricep extensions, and lateral raises, while the tapered seat allows you to sit more comfortably and naturally by not getting in the way. The 3-degree tilt in the back pad also allows for a more natural upright position, while the non-slip foot posts at the front of the unit add further support while lifting heavier loads up to 500 lb! With a small footprint of 44.25” x 25.25” x 41.5”, the Valor Fitness DG-2 Upright Bench is a space-sufficient and effective piece of equipment for your home or garage gym!

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