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ED-20 VFX Training Straps 3.0

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ED-20 VFX Training Straps 3.0
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The Valor Fitness ED-20 VFX Home Fitness Training Straps are the ultimate body weight training tool. The straps harness your body weight, allowing you to perform a variety of resistance exercises and allows the user to control the weight/resistance based on body weight positioning. Install the Valor Fitness VFX Straps in seconds to equipment or other secure devices to be able to perform various exercises with little assembly required.  Made of strong nylon with heavy duty carabiner hooks and foam padded handles the ED-20 straps add function and versatility to your workout. With 14 adjustment lengths on the 38.5” strap extender and numerous strap positions (44.5” to 60” range) the VFX straps are ideal for resistance training. Storage bag included.

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