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EJ-6 Anti-Burst Exercise Ball

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EJ-6 Anti-Burst Gym Stability / Exercise Ball with Pump
Part Number: 844192001113
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The Valor Fitness EJ-6 Anti-Burst Exercise Ball is one of the most recognizable pieces of equipment at any home or light-commercial gym. Measuring 65cm in diameter and made of durable anti-burst materials for functionality under normal workout use or while sitting, the EJ-6 will not burst open if under extreme pressure. In the unfortunate case of a puncture or tear in the ball, the ball will not burst where the damage occurs to help avoid injury. This Anti-Burst Exercise Ball is extremely versatile, allowing you to perform a wide range of exercises such as hamstring curls while laying on your back with your feet up on the ball and tucking them back toward your hips, balance push-ups with your feet on the ball, knee tucks, ab crunches, back extensions, planks, and many more! The EJ-6 can help you get a total body workout by itself, and is perfect to keep in your home gym, your living room, or even at the office! Switch out the normal office chair with this quality exercise ball to burn more calories at work, relieve back pain, and tone some of your core muscles. A foot pump is included in the purchase to easily refill the ball with air when needed.

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