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EL-Ladder Agility Training Ladder

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EL-Ladder Agility Ladder
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The Valor Fitness EL-Ladder Adjustable Agility Training Ladder will incorporate speed, agility, footwork, and coordination training into your workout routine. The agility latter can help develop varying movement patterns by enhancing running skills, increasing body movement response time, improving balance and coordination, and increasing efficiency. The EL-Ladder has a stackable design to decrease the footprint and easily store it in the carry bag (included in purchase), making it easy to bring from one location to the next so you can train your agility skills almost anywhere. This ladder can be used as 2 separate ladders, measuring 16.5 feet each, or as a single 33-foot ladder that is attached with clips. Each separate section has 12 rungs measuring 16.5 inches apart. Each rung has 2 holes in the event the ladder is used on grass and the user wants to secure it to the ground, as the storage handle included in the purchase also acts as a peg and stakes the ladder to the ground. When not in use, the ladder can be stacked and stored in the storage handle for safe keeping. For longer wear and tear and protection, store the ladder in the carry bag after use. The Valor Fitness EL-Ladder is the perfect tool for any coach, team, or individual athlete training to improve speed, agility, footwork, and coordination.

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