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EP-1 Push-Up Stands
EP-1 Push-Up Stands

EP-1 Push-Up Stands

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Product name: EP-1 Deluxe Pro Grip Push-Up Stands
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The Valor Fitness EP-1 Push Up Handles are perfect for athletes of all levels to build muscle and get stronger faster. These handles increase the range of motion of your push up to allow you to develop and strengthen your chest, shoulders, and arms. Research shows that a longer range of motion is better for growing muscle and developing strength, and can be more beneficial to work on rather than increasing the number reps or adding weight, so the EP-1 Push Up Handles will be crucial to helping you reach your fitness goals. These handles are very simple and easy to use – just place them on the ground where you would normally put your hands for a push up, grasp the handles and perform a push up while keeping your hands in the neutral position. This neutral position protects the wrist, while the slight degree slant in the design removes the tension from the wrist joints during exercise. Each handle measures 9” x 6” and is constructed of thermoplastic frames with non-slip neoprene foam grips to ensure a stable yet comfortable grip while in use. The small footprint allows you to easily keep this in your home or transport in a gym bag to a light-commercial gym.
Part Number: 844192001151

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