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EQ-1 Wood Balance Board
EQ-1 Wood Balance Board

EQ-1 Wood Balance Board

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Product name: EQ-1 Wooden Balance Board with Non-Slip Pad
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The Valor Fitness EQ-1 Wood Balance Board is an ideal addition to any home gym, as well as physical therapy and injury rehabilitation centers. With the EQ-1, users can improve core strength, coordination, posture, and balance by performing standing balance workouts, push-ups, planks, and numerous other exercises. A strong and durable wooden board, the EQ-1 features an acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) bottom cone that serves as a strong supporting base while also providing the user with a challenge in order for them to improve performance. The 15.5” board also features a non-slip surface to ensure the user has a secure grip and is provided with a safe workout environment. The Valor Fitness EQ-1 is great for athletes of various experience and training levels aiming to improve performance or those looking to recover from injury and live a healthier life!
Part Number: 844192001106

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