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ES-SW Wheelbarrow Sled with Harness

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ES-SW Wheelbarrow Sled The Valor Fitness ES-SW Wheelbarrow Sled is ideal for conditioning workouts and building strength and stamina through functional training. Whether you are pulling, pushing or using the wheelbarrow function, this sled is bound to take your training to the next level and is built to last. Constructed of 12-gauge steel and featuring a plate storage peg that fits 2” plates in the center, skid plates on all 4 bottom corners, a wheelbarrow peg for a bumper plate to circulate around, and a harness that is included for pulling exercises. Upright push poles with 4 sockets (2 on the front and 2 on the back), which are also used for the wheelbarrow function by placing them in horizontal sockets and securing them with a safety pin. These allow for quick transition in the direction or functionality of the sled by moving the 2 removable poles from one side to the other or into the wheelbarrow sockets.