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ES-Sled Sled with Harness

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ES-SLED Agility Sled w Harness & Straps
Part Number: 844192004602
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Valor Fitness ES-Sled will increase your power and agility by adding resistance to your runs. Towing a weighted sled while sprinting overloads your drive muscles and forces your nervous system to recruit greater "work" which in turn, improves your ground force production and corresponding explosive acceleration and speed. Simply increase the tow weight (weight plates) as you increase your strength level. The Valor Fitness ES-Sled is the most effective way to round out your training.


BP-45 |45 lb Bumper Plates (Sold Individually)
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BP-35 | 35 Bumper Plate 35 lb (1)
BP-35 35lb. Bumper Plate (1)
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BP-55 | 55 lb Bumper Plates (Sold Individually)
BP-55 55lb Bumper Plate
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BPPU-35 Polyurethane Bumper Plate 35 lb (1)
ValorPRO BPPU-35 VALOR PRO Polyurethane Bumper Plate 35lb
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BPPU-45 Polyurethane Bumper Plate 45 lb (1)
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BPPU-55 Polyurethane Bumper Plate 55 lb (1)
ValorPRO BPPU-55 VALOR PRO Polyurethane Bumper Plate 55lb
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