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FR-2 Foam Roller

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FR-2 Foam Roller Valor Fitness FR-2 Foam Roller is designed for all athletes and is great for use after exercise. This foam roller is ideal for myofascial release, an easy-to-do form of self-massage aimed at alleviating pain and muscle tension. Constructed with dense EVA foam covering a rigid, hollow plastic core insert featuring a distinctive, 3-D surface made to replicate the feeling of a massage therapists’ hands wide and flat like the palm, long and tubular like the fingers, and small and firm like the finger tips. The raised surface massages the muscles while the grooves allow oxygen and blood to continue to flow. Rolling on flat surfaces compresses tissue, blood, and oxygen together. Conversely, rolling on textured foam rollers aerates the tissue so that blood and oxygen can flow freely and bring important nutrients to the muscles to promote healing. It is also helpful in injury rehabilitation, balance-improving activities, and muscle strengthening exercises.