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GLV-2F Women's Weightlifting Gloves XS-XL
GLV-2F Women's Weightlifting Gloves XS-XL

GLV-2F Women's Weightlifting Gloves XS-XL

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Product name: GLV-2F Women's Weightlifting Gloves XS-XL
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The Valor Fitness GLV-2F Women’s Weightlifting Gloves are ideal for women looking to add comfort, prevent calluses and blisters, and improve grip while weight training. The three strategically placed grip pads contour to the natural creases in your palm, allowing for a more ergonomically correct fit while preventing blisters and other wear and tear patterns on the skin. A fourth grip pad lines the index fingers exterior while running along the inside thumb line. This too allows a more secure grip while performing movements that require the bar to move itself between the index finger and thumb. On the outside of the thumb, heading down to the wrist, you will find a soft terrycloth fabric which comes in handy when wiping away the sweat from your brow. Along the inside of each finger is its own mini grip pad for extra support and grip. Pull tabs for putting the gloves on and taking them off are strategically located on two fingers (removing the glove) as well as along the wrist strap (putting glove on). Lastly, once you have a secure fit in the fingers and palm, secure the glove with the elastic Velcro closure. Offered in XS-XL.

Offered in XS-XL.

1)            XS-LENGTH/15.5cm    PALM WIDTH/8.5cm

2)            S-LENGTH/16cm         PALM WIDTH/9cm

3)            M-LENGTH/16.5cm     PALM WIDTH/9.5cm

4)            L-LENGTH/17cm          PALM WIDTH/10cm

5)            XL-LENGTH/17.5cm     PALM WIDTH/10.5cm

XS – 6.1” x 3.3”

S – 6.3” x 3.5”

M – 6.5” x 3.7”

L – 6.7” x 3.9”

XL – 6.9” x 4.1”

Measurement Angles:


Part Number: 84419

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