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HR-2.0 Heavy Jump Rope 2'
HR-2.0 Heavy Jump Rope 2'

HR-2.0 Heavy Jump Rope 2"

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The Valor Fitness HR Heavy Jump Rope is a great training tool to improve strength, endurance, and stability through an intense and effective workout. Constructed of strong, durable Nylon to withstand intense workouts, these thicker ropes add variation to your workouts by expanding on the typical lightweight jump rope. While it can be used like a standard jump rope for a good cardio workout, the diameter of the Heavy Jump Rope drastically increases the intensity while also working on your strength. Additionally, this heavy duty rope can be thrown over a RIG or a pull up bar to perform additional exercises like rows by grabbing both ends of the rope with your feet placed firmly on the ground, while leaning back and extending your arms straight while maintaining a strong grip on the rope. As you begin to pull on the ropes, use your back muscles to return to the starting position and get a great back workout in. The compact design of the Heavy Jump Rope allows it to be easily stored, packed and moved from one location to another. The comfortable handles at the ends of the rope helps you keep a strong, firm grip on the rope while not tearing into your hands. The grip handles also help resist sweat and protect the ends of the rope. Measuring 9 feet in length, the HR Heavy Jump Rope is available in 1.5 inch diameter or 2 inch diameter.
Part Number: 844192009256

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