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Customer Service Questions

Where is Valor Fitness Located?
Valor Fitness is headquartered in Seminole, FL 

Does Valor Fitness have a showroom where I can view and purchase fitness equipment?
YES! We would love for you to come by our showroom. You can take advantage of our “walk-in” pricing and experience our products first hand.

The Showroom Address is: 10351 72nd St N, Seminole, FL 33777

Our showroom hours are:

Monday          8:30AM – 5PM
Tuesday          8:30AM – 5PM
Wednesday     8:30AM – 5PM
Thursday        8:30AM – 5PM
Friday             8:30AM – 4PM
Saturday         Closed
Sunday           Closed

Christmas Eve, the 24th of December Valor will be open from 8:30 AM to 1 PM

Closed on Christmas Day the 25th of December

New Years Eve the 31st of December Valor will be open from 8:30 AM to 3 PM

Are weights/bumper plates included with any Valor Fitness products? 
Although none of our products come with or include weights/bumper plates, you can certainly buy them separately here.

Do you have an authorized Dealer in my country?
Possibly, depending upon the country. For specific information about pricing and availability in your region, please e-mail us at: [email protected]

Can I purchase on valorfitness.com without a billing address in the United States of America?  
Currently we do not have the capability to process orders through our website that have payment methods utilizing a billing address outside of the United States. That doesn’t mean you couldn’t purchase Valor Fitness products. If you are attempting to make a purchase that ships inside the US (48 states, please contact us at the email provided here if you would like to ship to AK or HI) and you would like to use a payment method that includes a billing address outside of the United States please contact: [email protected]

Where do I find warranty information?
Please see our warranty page here to address any warranty questions. If you still have further questions about the warranty of your purchase, please contact us at: [email protected]s.com

What happens if I receive my purchase and I am missing any parts?
Please be sure to double check to confirm that you have received all boxes of your purchase through your tracking information. It is never our intention for our customers to receive damaged or missing parts. We apologize for the inconvenience and will do everything we can to accommodate you. Please contact us immediately at: [email protected]

Where can I get parts for my Valor Fitness equipment?
You can find accessories and attachments for Valor Fitness equipment right here on our site. Regarding specific bolts, washers, nuts, etc. please contact us at: [email protected] and we will do everything we can to accommodate you request.

Do you offer financing options?
Currently, Valor Fitness does not have a financing program for purchasers.

How do I become and Authorized Dealer of Valor Fitness?
Please visit our “Become an Authorized Dealer” page here and we will contact you immediately.

After I submit my order on valorfitness.com, how soon will I have product shipped to me?
All orders are processed and shipped the following business day after receiving the order. Depending on your location shipping can take anywhere between 3-6 business days or 7 to 10 business days.

Assembly Questions

Do any tools come with my Valor Fitness purchase?
The short answer is, no. However, Valor Fitness products come with a very detailed instruction manual and all the parts necessary to assemble your purchase.

I just received my Valor Fitness product. I have gone through the instruction manual and realize that I need to install my product with “self-locking nuts”. What size ratchet sockets do I need to assemble my product?

  • For the M-10 you will need a 17 six-point metric socket
  • For the M-12 you will need a 19 six-point metric socket  

*Please note that you cannot hand tighten these nuts for effective use. You must use a wrench or a ratchet for proper installation.     


Do I need to perform any preventative maintenance on Valor Fitness equipment?
Any product that includes steel parts should be cleaned with a soft damp cloth. For the pad areas of equipment we would suggest armor all. 
In terms of cables, pulleys, bearings and lat-pull shafts any silicone based spray works well. For bars 3-In-One Oil used with a cloth and soft brush should help prevent rusting.     

What Can I use to clean my Valor Fitness products?
We find that armor all works best with pads and some maintenance. As far as cables and lat-pull shafts, any silicone based spray works best. 


Can I use my Valor Fitness products outside or in a garage?
As with most products, keep in mind weather conditions when using outside. Eventually the sun, snow or rain will run its course creating corrosion and/or rust overtime. Products should be fine in a garage as long as they are maintenance and cleaned from time to time as needed. 

I misplaced my product manual, am I able to get another instruction manual for my Valor Fitness equipment?
Yes, please email [email protected] with which unit you have and we will email the manual to you in a PDF format. 

Return Questions

What is Valor Fitness’s Return policy?

Before-Your-Order-Ships Cancellation: Please contact us as soon as possible to cancel any orders. If it has not left the shipping facility, we will cancel the order and issue the refund in full.

Once-Your-Order-Has-Shipped Cancellation: If the product is in route to your shipping address, we are unable to guarantee any cancellation. However, we will do everything we can to discontinue the delivery. If we are successful in having the shipment halted and returned to us we will issue a refund minus the cost of shipping.

For further information please visited here. 

After Delivery Return: 
If the package has been delivered and you would like to return it, it can be done in one of two ways:

  1. Simply ship it back to us any way you would like. The refund will be issued minus the original shipping fees as long as the product is in the original packaging and without damages.
  2. We can email a shipping label to you and schedule a pickup. Once the item has been received, the refund will be issued minus the original and return shipping and/or pickup fees as long as the product is in the original packaging and without damages. 

We reserve the right to change the return policy at any time, and the return policy is based on a case by case basis depending on the situation & product.