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LM-7 Landmine Post
LM-7 Landmine Post

LM-7 Landmine Post

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Product name: LM-7 Valor Fitness Post Landmine
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Take your core training to new extremes with the Valor Fitness LM-7 Landmine. Just slip the solid steel post into a weight plate and insert your Valor Fitness Olympic bar into the sleeve. The joint rotates 360-degrees for a full range motion to accommodate a wide variety of core and rotational exercises. Some of the exercises you can perform include shoulder presses, squats, one arm rows, kneeling one arm presses, lunges, sumo squats and more. Compatible with Standard Olympic Plates and Olympic Barbells. Use with Valor Fitness Bumper Plates and Valor Fitness OB-86-750B Olympic Bar. Constructed to solid steel for strength and durability to hold up through the most intense workouts. Plates can be safely stacked up to 1/8 in. away from the bracket, otherwise the pivot of the bracket could damage weight plates. 1-year warranty.
Part Number: 844192005814

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