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MB-2 Rotating V-Handle Bar

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MB-2 V-Handle Rotate Bar w/ Rubber Grips
Part Number: 844192001472
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The Valor Fitness MB-2 V-Handle Rotate Bar Accessory is perfect for all Lat Pull cable workouts. 0.25” opening attaches easily to cable clips, while the knurled rubber end grips provide a secure gripping surface for the user. Swivel allows the bar to rotate freely and smoothly without restriction on the range of motion and to keep the users grip firmly in one position. V-Handle can be used for workouts such as the cable incline push down, close-grip front lat pull down, leverage iso row, straight arm pull downs, under hand cable pull downs, and V-bar pull downs. Perfect in combination with the Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack and Lat Pull Machine.

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