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MB-48 Lat Pull Down Bar 48"

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MB-48 48" Solid Steel Lat Pull Bar
Part Number: 844192002219
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The Valor Fitness MB-48 48” Wide Grip Solid Steel Lat Bar is perfect for all Lat Pull cable workouts. ¼” swivel opening attaches easily to cable clips. Allows the bar to rotate freely and smoothly without restriction on the range of motion and to keep the users grip firmly in one position. Three grip options including Standard Grip, Intermediate Grip, and Wide Grip options allow the user to target different muscle groups. Contoured, knurled grip handles provide a comfortable, secure grip with or without weight lifting gloves. Perfect in combination with the Valor Fitness BD-11 Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment. Max weight capacity 600 lbs. 3-year warranty.

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