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MB-B Dip Handles for BD-11 & BD-41

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MB-B Dip Handle Accessory Set (for BD-11)
Part Number: 844192002301
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The Valor Fitness MB-B features solid steel rod dip handles welded to a 3-sided face plate for a secure grip on either the Valor Fitness BD-11, BD-20 or BD-41 Power Racks. The solid steel rod is positioned completely through the main frame uprights, allowing a safe locking mechanism to the frame. The correct position of the handles will be placed so you the user is on the inside of the unit. MB-B handles are 2.5" x 2.5" and will fit the BD-11, BD-20 and BD-41 Power Racks. The Valor Fitness MB-A handles are 2" x 2" and will only fit the Valor Fitness BD-7 and BD-33 Power Racks. Please note that all Valor’s accessories are designed to fit Valor products . If you currently have your own equipment and will be outfitting with an accessory, the MB-B will fit most 2.5” frames with 1” peg holes. Please double check your measurements. Max weight limit is 365lbs and are sold as a pair.

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