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MB-D Dumbbell Holders for BD-11 & BD-41 (2)

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MB-D BD-11 Dumbbell Holder Set
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The Valor Fitness MB-D solid steel dumbbell holders allow the user to position one pair of dumbbells on the side of the frame for quick access to free weight dumbbell workouts. Find the desired height then lock into place. MB-D dumbbell holders are 2.5"x2.5" and will fit the Valor Fitness BD-11, BD-20 and BD-41 Power Racks. The Valor Fitness MB-C dumbbell holders are 2" x 2" and will only fit Valor Fitness BD-7 and BD-33 Power Racks. Please note that all Valor’s accessories are designed to fit Valor products . If you currently have your own equipment and will be outfitting with an accessory, the MB-D will fit most 2.5” frames with 1” peg holes. Please double check your measurements. Max Weight limit is 50lbs on each holder and are sold as a pair.

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Valor Fitness BD-11 Power Rack frame, constructed of 2.5" x 2.5" heavy duty gauge steel, comes with a 3-year manufacturer?s warranty against defects in workmanship and is a great addition to home gyms. Main exercise features include Squats, Pull Ups, Bench Press (bench sold separately). Comes with 4 Solid Steel adjustable Bar Catches. Easy to locate 27 count number system on Uprights offering a wide range of bar adjustments. Solid Steel Knurled Chin-Up/Pull-Up Station, chrome finish, double bolted to frame with external face plates for stability during workouts. Rear stabilizing face plates support heavier weight loads during lat pull exercises (if attached). Frame design includes 4 plate storage pegs on back uprights (2 each side), standard 1" post measuring 8" in length and enough space between to accommodate 2" Olympic Bumper Plates. Four rubber base caps encase each foot providing added stability along with floor protection. Safety concerns are met with 2 solid steel bars running front to back through the frame. While these bars provide added stability and strength to the function of the frame itself, they are also utilized as a safety bar catch during both the squat and bench press exercises. Simply rotate the safety bar to unlock from frame, remove the bar and return to desired height. Safety bars should be placed just below your squat or bench press threshold so in the event you cannot return the bar back to resting top position, the safety bars will catch it. Max load on either safety bar is well over 1,000lbs each. Your bar will bend long before the safety bars bend. Overall, the BD-11 is a versatile piece of equipment with a usable max weight of 800lbs. Accessory attachments, such as Lat Pull Down (BD-11L), Cable Cross Overs (BD-CC 2.5), Extended Safety Bars (MB-H 2.5) are sold separately.
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