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MB-L Band Pegs

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MB-L Band Pegs
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The Valor Fitness MB-L Band Pegs add resistance, stability and versatility to your olympic bar exercises. The band pegs (4 included) attach to your power rack or rig safety arms enhancing resistance during your workout. Made of solid heavy-duty chrome plated steel at 20” long and weighing 2.6lbs per peg the MB-L provides a secure post for all style resistance bands.  They are easily adjustable to all holes on your BD-58 rack safety arms as well as the RG-19 Rig Safety Spotter Arms. With a .5” post diameter and a 1.5” diameter of the welded washer stop, these band pegs provide a versatile fit for many rig formations.  We recommend only using band pegs / resistance bands with equipment that is weighted down, bolted or otherwise secured to the floor.

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