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OB-86-700 700lb Oly Bar

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OB-86-700 86" Olympic Chrome Bar 700lbs
Part Number: 844192005036
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The Valor Fitness OB-86-700 Men’s Chrome Olympic Bar was built and designed with durability and performance in mind. Measuring 86.25” in total length with loadable sleeve length of 15.25” on each side, the OB-86-700 weighs 20 kg (44 lb). With a tensile strength of 130,000 PSI and good whip action to enhance each lift, each chrome sleeve is secured to the barbell by a hex bolt to ensure strength and durability while lifting heavy loads. The brass bushing on each sleeve ensures a smooth and stable rotation during intense workouts. This 28 mm barbell features a standard knurling grip with knurl-free guide marks as well as a center knurling to ensure a strong, firm grip on the bar during heavy lifts. If athletes need to enhance their grip further, the knurling on the OB-86-1000 can hold chalk well. The recommended maximum weight load for this heavy-duty barbell is 700 lb, and it is not designed for any cross-training movements. If you are looking to train to the max and push yourself with heavy loads, the Valor Fitness OB-86-700 would be a great addition to your home or light-commercial gym.

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