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OB-ADJ Adjustable Trap Bar

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The Valor Fitness OB-ADJ Adjustable Trap Bar has an exclusive patent pending design to help users develop muscular shoulders, back, and legs by ensuring correct lifting form and allowing a midline center of gravity to stay balanced, reducing strain on spine to safely lift heavy weight. The OB-ADJ is the perfect piece of equipment to add variety to any workout regimen and serve as an alternative to traditional shrugs, squats, and deadlifts. With the exclusive ability to seamlessly adjust the grip width between 20”, 24.5”, and 28.75”, users can further enhance their strength and muscle building by working the target muscles from different angles. The unique, 1” handle with knurling can be adjusted between 3 different angles, allowing the user to choose which grip width and angle works best for them. To adjust the position of the handle, simply squeeze the pin with springs and move it to any of the 3 slot positions. The knurling on the handle ensures users have a strong, firm grip on the bar without excessively tearing into the hands. The slightly etched sleeves ensure minimal sliding of plates during use. Rubber stoppers have been included in the design to protect gym floors from damage or scratching. Please note the OB-ADJ is not meant to be dropped. Damage may still occur if not set down properly. The Valor Fitness OB-ADJ Adjustable Trap Bar is an essential addition to any home or light-commercial gym to meet the needs of multiple users.

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