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OB-AXL Axle Bar

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Looking to take your training to the next level? Then look no further than the Valor Fitness OB-AXL Axle Bar. This bar will add versatility to your training regimen and increase the intensity of a number of workouts. The OB-AXL Axle Bar has a 2” diameter, making it thicker than a standard barbell. Thick bar training promotes strength gain in both the wrist and hand grip by emphasizing those muscles, as well as engaging the forearms more to more evenly distribute the weight and allow more symmetrical development throughout the arms. Lifting with a thicker bar will stimulate a wider range of muscle fibers in the fingers, hands, forearms, and the upper parts of your arms. This unique bar can be used for numerous exercises, including deadlifts, rows, curls, bench press, and even in conjunction with the Valor Fitness LM-7 Post Landmine, making all of your workouts easily transferrable from a standard barbell. The intensity of your workouts will skyrocket by simply substituting the Axle Bar in place of your standard barbell. Measuring 84” in length, the OB-Axle has a loadable sleeve length of 16” on each side. These sleeves are compatible with standard bumper plates, such as the Valor Fitness BPPU Polyurethane Bumper Plates. Weighing 25 lb with a maximum weight load of 500 lb, the OB-AXL Axle Bar is sure to develop a wide range of muscles in your hands, wrists, and arms in a way that a standard barbell cannot.


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