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OB-DL Deadlift Bar
OB-DL Deadlift Bar

OB-DL Deadlift Bar

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The Valor Fitness OB-DL Deadlift Bar is the perfect addition to your arsenal of strength training tools if you are looking to break through barriers and reach your maximum deadlifting potential. A true Deadlift Bar, the OB-DL is constructed of steel for strength and durability during heavy deadlifts. Weighing 45 lb with a tensile strength of 165,000 PSI, this bar can handle up to 1,200 lb and has quality bushings to allow the bar to remain functional through constant use.

What makes this bar so special and how can it potentially help you deadlift more weight? With a bar length of 90.5”, which is longer than a standard bar, the sleeves are further from the center and places the plates further from the center also. This, combined with a bar diameter of 27 mm, enhances the flex of the bar to make it easier for you to initiate the pull higher, faster, and potentially lift heavier weight off the floor. To ensure you take advantage of this for each lift, make sure to reset the bar between sets to get the bar back to straight – because of the flex, the plates will hit the floor before the bar returns to straight.

The thinner bar diameter, compared to the standard bar diameter of 28 mm, makes it easier to grip along with the more aggressive knurling. The knurling allows you to have a stronger, firmer grip on the bar compared to a standard bar but will not excessively tear into your hands. The zinc coating will also further enhance the grip. Featuring no center knurl, each side of the knurl has a powerlifting mark measuring 7.5” from the center so you can strategically place your hands and find the best grip width for you. Each collar, measuring 2.5” wide each and 56.5” of bar length between them, has a protective rubber ring.

Protect your bar by regularly wiping it down with a soft, nylon brush and using a light coat of WD-40. Use of a brass brush may break down the zinc coating of the bar.

Note: the Valor Fitness OB-DL Deadlift Bar is meant strictly for deadlift use ONLY. It is not designed for squats, bench presses, or any Olympic weightlifting or cross training movements. The OB-DL should not be racked at any height and should not be dropped from shoulder height or from overhead positions.

Part Number: 844192009751

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