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OB-Log-8 Strongman Log 8"

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The sport of Strongman effectively practices traditional endurance, strength, and power exercises. One of the more recognizable and staple pieces of equipment used in Strongman is the log. The Valor Fitness OB-Log Strongman Logs are the ideal tool to develop your abilities in this intense sport. Constructed of hollow, 14-gauge steel with a black powder coated texture for strength and durability, it is available with a 8.625” diameter (OB-Log-8) and 10.25” diameter (OB-Log-10), weighing 54 lb and 67 lb, respectively. Consider that in addition to a heavier weight, a log with greater diameter will increase the intensity of your workout with it being further away from your body. Measuring 72.75”, the OB-Log Strongman Logs have the option to remove the sleeves, which each account for 13.75” of the total length, so the user can work with just the log alone. The neutral grips reduce stress on the shoulders and wrists for all pressing movements, while the 24.4” distance between each grip provides a relaxed grip length. The wide opening includes smooth rubber edges, allowing for more comfort during all lifts. Please note that the OB-Log is not meant to be dropped. The 3-year warranty is covered under intended use only.

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