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OP-45 45 lb Plate (Sold Individually)

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OP-45 45lb Olympic Plates (1)
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If you are looking for durable Olympic weight plates to add to your home gym, then the Valor Fitness Rubber Olympic Weight Plates are exactly what you need! The high-quality weight plates are constructed of a durable rubber to withstand constant use in your home gym over time! The heavy-duty rubber helps to prevent damage to the equipment in your gym, as well as to your gym floor in the event they are dropped. Available in 10 lb, 25 lb, 35 lb, 45 lb, and numerous weight sets, each plate features tri-grip handles: 3 ergonomically placed grips inside the edges to safely and easily carry, load, and unload your plates from an Olympic barbell or plate storage rack/tree! This feature also makes our Olympic weight plates extremely versatile! They are more than just barbell weights, as they can be easily carried to add weight to traditional body weight exercises such as sit ups, lunges, and many more! The OP Olympic Weight Plates also feature a 2" stainless steel insert to fit Olympic barbells, EZ curl bars, and storage racks so you can easily slide them on or off the bar/peg without worry about scratching or other damage! Note: due to the rubber construction, these weight plates have a distinct scent that will fade over time. Add the Valor Fitness OP Olympic Weight Plates to complete your home gym!

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