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PBS-A Soft Plyo Box 20/24/30

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Valor Fitness PBS-A Soft Plyobox
Part Number: 844192007733
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The Valor Fitness PBS-A Soft Plyo Jump Box is a perfect addition to a home or light-commercial gym that values user safety. Unlike the PBX-A Wooden Plyo Jump Box, the PBS-A has a thick foam padding with a high density vinyl cover to ensure user safety by providing a more protective surface as the shell reduces the severity of the impact during use, and more importantly if a user mistimes their jump. In the event the user does mistime their movement, the soft padding reduces the impact and protects both the user from injury and the box from damage. The box ships flat and unassembled to save you on freight costs. Assembly requires Phillips head screwdriver and glue (NOT included in purchase). Once assembled, the padding can be placed on the outside of the box and placed inside the vinyl cover, which is fastened and secured by a zipper near the top. This plyo box has 3 height options, including 20”, 24”, and 30”. Each side of the cover has a clearly marked height for easy identification, while the various heights make this a perfect addition to a fitness environment with multiple users of varying skill levels. The versatile PBS-A can be used for box jumps, step-ups, box squats, or it can be used for several modified exercises while training technique for more advanced movements. Add the Valor Fitness PBS-A Soft Plyo Jump Box to your gym to improve performance and help you get the body you deserve!

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