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PBX-A Plyo Box 20/24/30

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PBX-A Plyo Jump Box 20/24/30
Part Number: 844192004589
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The Valor Fitness PBX-A Wooden Plyo Jump Box is an essential tool for any home or box gym. Constructed of strong, durable wood, the PBX-A will withstand constant pressure and use over time. This plyo box has 3 height options, including 20”, 24”, and 30”. Each side has a burned in logo design with the height marked as well for quick and easy identification of all sides, making this the perfect plyo box for any gym setting with multiple users of different skill levels. Improve your explosiveness, power, and endurance by performing box jumps, step-ups, or box squats with this versatile product. Users can also use this as a stretching tool when you certain parts of your body need to be elevated for a more intense stretch, or as a tool for modifying exercises while developing more advanced skills. Assembly is required, as the PBX-A ships flat and unassembled to save you on freight costs. Phillips head screwdriver and wood glue are NOT included in the purchase.

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