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PG-1 Peg Board

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Valor Fitness PG-1 Peg Board
Part Number: 844192007740
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The Valor Fitness PG-1 Climbing Peg Board with 2 Hardwood Pegs and Mounting Brackets is the answer for individuals looking to improve upper body strength and performance. This versatile, heavy duty board is constructed of high quality multi plywood for strength and durability and includes 2 ash tree handle pegs for climbing. Measuring 71 in. x 12 in., this durable peg board also includes mount brackets for easy mounting to a wall. It is also a perfect fit to a Valor Fitness RIG! Wall mount holes are spaced 16 in. apart for standard stud distance. If you are looking to improve physical performance in activities such as cross training, gymnastics, or rock climbing, the Valor Fitness PG-1 Climbing Peg Board will take your strength and skills to the next level.

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