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PKB-70 Premium Kettlebell 70 lb
PKB-70 Premium Kettlebell 70 lb

PKB-70 Premium Kettlebell 70 lb

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Product name: PKB-70 ValorPRO Premium Kettlebell 70lb
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Whether you are a coach looking to challenge your athletes’ strength and cardio abilities, or an individual looking to improve in multiple aspects of your training regimen, the Valor Fitness PKB Premium Kettlebells are the solution for you. Constructed of heavy-duty iron with a matte black powder coat finish, this is both the competition and commercial kettlebell you have been looking for. Kettlebells are a great tool to develop both strength and endurance through exercises such as kettlebell swings, squats, high pulls, snatches, or even farmer carries and holds. Each kettlebell is easily identifiable with a different color-coded band, as well as the weight listed in both pounds and kilograms. The handles are firm and easy to grip and can hold the Valor Fitness CH-2 Gym Chalk for an even stronger grip. The void free surface makes for a comfortable grip without excessively tearing your hands. The flat bottom design makes these Premium Kettlebells extremely easy to store. Please note that the PKB Premium Kettlebells are not meant to be dropped to prevent damage to your floor and the kettlebell. The 3-year warranty is covered under intended use only.
Part Number: 844192007795

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