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PTFM-58 Platform for BD-58 Half Rack

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Take your Valor Fitness BD-58 Half Rack to the next level with the Valor Fitness PTFM-58 Weightlifting Platform. Constructed of 4 bamboo lined boards enclosed in a secure metal frame, the PTFM-58 easily slides between the BD-58 uprights to easily provide a surface that ensures firm footing during your workout. The steel frame strengthens the connection of the base, while the solid steel transition plate at one end of the platform allows you to safely step on and off the platform and easily move a bench on or off. The PTFM-58 is also compatible with the PTFM-1 (sold separately) for those wishing to create an even longer platform. Measuring 81” x 42” x 1.25”, the PTFM-58 easily slots into the 53.5” x 72” frame of the BD-58 which has an inside width of 44”. The transition plate on the end of the PTFM-58 adds an additional 6” in length.

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