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PY-1 Pulley Cable Station

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PY-1 Puley Cable Station
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When putting together a home or garage gym, space is always a factor. We are often unable to get our dream fitness center at home due to a sheer lack of space. With the Valor Fitness PY-1 Portable Cable Station, you can save plenty of space in your home gym while getting an intense cable workout like those you can perform in a commercial gym. Used in conjunction with the steel cable pulley, the heavy-duty 75” long rubber sheathed cable is designed with strength, durability, and smooth operation in mind. This versatile, space-sufficient unit can be used with several cable attachment for different cable workouts, such as tricep rope pull downs or lat pull downs. Just be sure to have a stable seat or place to put your feet if performing lat pull downs to ensure you get the most efficient workout. Not only is the PY-1 easy to use and easy to transport, it is also just as easy to set up. Simply thread the weight plate holder D-Ring strap through the center of a bumper plate (sold separately) and attach it to the cable with the carabiner clip. The cable pulley and connecting strap can be attached to power racks, pull-up bars, beams, or any stable location where it can be safely attached. While the purchase includes a D-Ring Pull Down strap for use, you can also use the PY-1 with the Valor Fitness MB-5 Triceps Rope Accessory (sold separately), the MB-20 Solid Steel LAT Pull Accessory (sold separately), or even the MB-48 LAT Pull Accessory Bar (sold separately). Meant for home, light-commercial gym use, or even possibly on the go, the Valor Fitness PY-1 Portable Cable Station has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lb and is compatible with bumper plates with a 2” opening.

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