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RG-13 Landmine Attachment

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RG-13 - Landmine
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The Valor Fitness RG-13 Landmine Rig Attachment will add dynamic core and rotational exercises to your routine. Used commonly with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts, the landmine will challenge athletes by targeting muscle groups from multiple angles while experiencing a cardio state. Constructed of 11-gauge steel, the RG-13 is made for use with Valor Fitness RIGs and attaches and locks into place with a steel rod locking pin. The pin is kept in place with a looped wire to ensure safety. The 10” barbell sleeve with a 2” opening accommodates both standard and Olympic barbells, which are securely fastened with a twisting knob to ensure the barbell will not shift during use. The multi-axis rotation allows smooth movement and maximum efficiency during the most intense workouts. Use the RG-13 to perform T-bar rows, landmine single leg deadlifts, landmine shoulder presses, rotation twists, and many other exercises. Barbells and RIG sold separately. Please note that all Valor Fitness accessories and attachments are compatible with Valor Fitness products only.

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