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RG-14 Plate Storage Attachment
RG-14 Plate Storage Attachment

RG-14 Plate Storage Attachment

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Product name: RG-14 - Plate storage
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The Valor Fitness RG-14 Plate Storage Attachment saves space and creates a safer fitness environment by getting your plates off the floor. The RG-14, designed to specifically fit the 3” x 3” frame of Valor Fitness RIGs and the BD-57 Half Rack, is easily attached to the uprights by inserting the locking peg into the frame, then locking the attachment in place with the steel locking pin – users can remove the pin and can adjust the height of the plate storage attachment at any time. With 13.5” of loadable storage constructed of 11-gauge steel and a matte black powder coat finish, this attachment accommodates plates with a 2” opening and can safely hold up to 315 lb. With the Valor Fitness RG-14, users can create the perfect Valor Fitness RIG or BD-57 Half Rack that is customized to meet the needs of their home or box gym with the ability to quickly grab plates without taking time away from workouts.

Part Number: 844192006293

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