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RG-16 Flying pull-up bar

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RG-16 - Flying pull-up bar
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RG-16 Valor Fitness Flying Pull-up Bar The RG-16 Flying Pull-up Bar is a demanding attachment sure to challenge even the most conditioned athlete. The attachment of the 45 degree beams with four (4) evenly spaced rungs create a challenging pull up ladder creating greater demand on muscular recruitment, developing explosive power, hand / eye coordination, and strength development.

The Valor RIG is the pinnacle of a BOX or personal training facility. If your fitness space is small or large we have RIG configurations to accommodate your fitness space. Each piece is sold individually allowing for a wide variety of customizable options. If visualizing your space is a challenge, we can take your measurements and provide a CAD drawing of how your selection(s) will fit into your available space.

Valor Rigs are built from 3x3” 11-gauge steel. These rig structures are designed to be durable and will withstand the most demanding training environments, such as cross training boxes, professional training facilities, personal training studios, high school, college, and other fitness environments.

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The Valor RIG has a wide range of accessories available for purchase to enhance your facilities clients training experience. Click Here to view our complete Valor Fitness RIG hardware rig add-ons.