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RG-17 Dip Attachment

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RG-17 - Dip attachment
Part Number: 844192006323
Availability: Coming Soon May 2016

The Valor Fitness RG-17 Dip Attachment is a heavy-duty versatile rack add-on that is an invaluable accessory for both a garage and commercial gym. This rack is easily mountable to uprights with a 3” x 3” frame size with a 1” peg diameter and featuring angled, comfort-grip handles ranging from 27 5/8” to 18 1/2” for a range of grip width options. Dipping exercises can be extremely beneficial to an athlete looking to improve their gymnastics strength and endurance. The RG-17 Dip Attachment is the perfect addition if you are looking to add a heavy-duty, fully adjustable dip station, with little assembly required, to your strength training tools.