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RG-20 Step Plate
RG-20 Step Plate

RG-20 Step Plate

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Are you or your athletes having trouble reaching the pull-up bar on your Valor Fitness RIG or BD-57? Having to move a bulky bench or plyo box underneath to reach those parts not easily accessed from the ground? If so, then the Valor Fitness RG-20 Step Plate Accessory is the perfect solution for you. Using a bench or plyo box to reach the pull-up bar on a RIG or rack can get in the way and become more of a hazard than a help, and jumping up can take more energy than you expect and burn you out quicker. Constructed of 3-gauge steel for strength and durability, the RG-20 provides a safe surface for you or your athletes to easily step up and reach those hard-to-reach places on your RIG or BD-57. The 6.25” x 4.5” matte black surface has a firm grip surface to ensure safety, while the 1” diameter peg measures 3” in length to securely lock into the upright holes. Featuring a laser cut Valor Fitness logo, the RG-20 can help athletes that have trouble reaching the pull-up bar conserve their energy and avoid jumping so they can perform to the best of their ability, while its small but secure footprint provides a safer option that using a bench or box to step up. Please note that all Valor Fitness accessories are designed to fit Valor Fitness products only. The Valor Fitness RG-20 is compatible with 3” x 3” Valor RIGs and the BD-57.
Part Number: 844192008341

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