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RH-30 30lb Rubber Hex Dumbbells (2)

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RH-30 30lb Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pair
Part Number: 844192001885
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  • Will not crack your floor; rubber coated head encased in durable rubber, will not crack or fade and prevents damage to floors, furniture or your other equipment.
  • Solid grip; chrome coated knurled grip handle with thicker contours in the center making for a wider and more ergonomic solid grip.
  • Will not fall apart; one piece solid cast and steel head- will not spin or come loose like bulky pro-style dumbbells. Can last forever if used and maintained properly.
  • Accurate balanced weight; one piece design offers accurate weight and precision balance.
  • Best price-to-quality ratio
  • 3lb to 55lb; varying weight increments, extensive weight range that can fit all kinds of fitness training programs.
  • Clear markings; easy to read weight markings encased into outer surface mold for easy identification of weight.