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RH-55 55lb Rubber Hex Dumbbell (1)

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RH-55 55lb Rubber Hex Dumbbell (single)
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STEEL HANDLE: Knurled, textured, ergonomic handle. Contoured to allow for a secure grip. Made from heavy-duty steel to hold up over time in a gym environment, at home, or in competitions.

HEXAGON SHAPED WEIGHT: Prevents rolling to keep the dumbbells in place when set down during exercise or when stored. Allows for the ability to store more dumbbells in a smaller space.

RUBBER CAPPED WEIGHT: Designed to protect floors and other surfaces from damage. Will not peel or chip after repeated use.

RAISED NUMBER: Weight is shown at the end of each dumbbell and raised for quick and easy identification during exercise.

VERSATILE: Can be used for full body strength training. Allows the athlete to customize their workout to target arms, check, legs, back, core, and more. Weights 40 lbs. and over are sold individually not in sets.