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RH-8 Rubber Hex Dumbbells 8 lb (2)

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The Valor Fitness RH Rubber Hex Dumbbells are a vital addition to any home or commercial gym setting. The dumbbell is one of the most recognizable pieces of gym equipment, and rightfully so as it is one of the most versatile, as well. From basic dumbbell bicep curls, overhead tricep extensions, bench press, and single-arm rows to more advanced movements such as goblet squats and the complex devil presses, the Rubber Hex Dumbbells will help you meet your fitness goals. The heavy-duty steel handle with a knurled grip is sure to hold up over time with repeated use, while the rubber cap at either end is designed to protect floors and other surfaces from damage. It will also not peel or chip. The hexagonal shape prevents rolling to keep the dumbbell in place when it is set down and allows more dumbbells to be stored next to each other in smaller spaces. The raised number for each weight makes it easy to identify when moving through exercises. Whether you want to perform the most basic of exercises in your home gym, or advanced movements in a commercial or competition setting, the Valor Fitness RH Rubber Hex Dumbbells is sure to be a major partner in your personal fitness journey

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