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SC-1 Spring Clips (2)

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SC-1 Spring Clips
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The Valor Fitness SC-1 Spring Clips are the solution for you if you are tired of hunting for spare clips at your preferred fitness environment. Now, you can bring your own with you! The SC-1 Spring Clips ensure the plates on your Olympic barbell will not slide off during your workout, as the solid steel construction provides a tight hold on the bar and secures the plates in place without scratching or damaging equipment. The easy grip rubber handle was designed for added comfort and ease of quick plate changes – simply squeeze the grips and slide on the bar to secure the plates by release your grip to ensure a tight hold. Sold as a pair, these spring clips allow users to safely focus on their performance without the concern that their plates may slide and shift the weight. The Valor Fitness SC-1 Spring Clips can be used for a variety of barbell exercises in your home gym or thrown in your gym bag to bring to your favorite commercial gym!

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