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SDB-20 Sandbag 20 lb

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SDB-20 ValorPRO Sandbag 20lb
Part Number: 844192007863
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The Valor Fitness SDB PRO Sandbags have multiple hold points with a tubular design for those athletes looking for versatility in their workouts. Sandbag training is used for static contraction, metabolic training, plyometric training, strength & endurance, and dynamic lifting/throwing. Whether you are an experienced athlete or amateur just beginning, the sandbags can be used in your garage, backyard, or gym. Can be used for weight training or functional training exercises. Most common use is picking up the sandbag while running. Made with 5 strong grip handles (3 on the top, 1 on the side, 1 on the bottom) allow the ability to use and carry the sandbag in a variety of ways depending on which exercise they’re performing. Handles made of Vinyl. Each sandbag is color coordinated to allow for easy identification during use. 10 lb. (yellow), 20 lb. (orange), 30 lb. (red), 40 lb. (blue), 50 lb. (green). Constructed with heavy duty stitching for extra strength and durability, the SDB's will meet your training demands. The high-density stuffing keeps the weight centered during use. 1-year warranty. Product measures 24.5 in. (L) with 10 in. diameter.

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