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SDB-40 ValorPRO Sandbag 40lb

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SDB-40 ValorPRO Sandbag 40lb
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The ValorPRO SDB-40 Sandbag 40lb has multiple hold points with a tubular design for those athletes looking for versatility in their workouts. Sandbag training is used for static contraction, metabolic training, plyometric training, strength & endurance, and dynamic lifting/throwing. Whether you are an experienced athlete or amateur just beginning, the SDB-40 Sandbag can be used in your garage, backyard, or gym. Constructed with heavy duty stitching for extra strength and durability the SDB-40 will meet your training demands. The high-density stuffing keeps the weight centered during use. Each sandbag has a color scheme for easy identification of weight. Available in 10lb, 20lb, 30lb, 40lb and 50lb sizes.

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