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SDB-LG Self-Fill Sandbag Large

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SDB-LG Large Sand Bag
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Sandbag training is common among the military, martial artists, and Strongman athletes. Athletes can train with sandbags almost anywhere, including garage and box gyms as well as outside. This unique kind of training is challenging but very beneficial for building strength and improving conditioning. The Valor Fitness SDB Self-Fill are perfect for any athlete aiming to develop explosive power while developing total body strength, stability, and endurance. These high-quality Sandbags are constructed of black canvas vinyl for strength and durability with 2 double-Velcro vinyl bladders and zipper enclosure for security and safety while in use. When filled with sand, the SDB Self-Fill sandbags will require users to use their core muscles to stabilize the bag with the constantly shifting weight in order to build strength. Athletes can swing, squat, deadlift, press, lunge, and even run with the Sandbag for a total body workout that is sure to improve performance. Available in Small (40 lb weight capacity), Medium (60 lb weight capacity), and Large (80 lb weight capacity), these Sandbags have 7 grip handles (3 on the top, 2 on the bottom, 1 on each side) so it can be used and carried in several different ways. Please note that sand is not included – the SDB Self-Fill Sandbags should NOT be used with any fill or materials other than sand.

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