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SDB-SM Self-Fill SandBag Small

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SDB-SM Small Sand Bag
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Sandbag training is used for static contraction, metabolic training, plyometric training, strength & endurance, and dynamic lifting/throwing. Whether you are an experienced athlete or amateur, the sandbags can be used in your garage, backyard, or gym for weight training or functional training exercises. Most common use is picking up the sandbag while running. The SDB Self-Fill Sandbags are constructed of black canvas vinyl for strength and durability with 2 double-Velcro vinyl bladders and zipper enclosure for security and safety while in use. Available in Small (40 lb weight capacity), Medium (60 lb weight capacity), and Large (80 lb weight capacity), these Sandbags have 7 grip handles (3 on the top, 2 on the bottom, 1 on each side) so it can be used and carried in several different ways. Please note that sand/fill is not included.