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SKB-25 Soft Kettlebell 25 lb
SKB-25 Soft Kettlebell 25 lb

SKB-25 Soft Kettlebell 25 lb

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Product name: SKB-25 Valor Fitness 25lb Soft Kettlebell
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The Valor Fitness SKB Soft Sand Filled Kettlebell Weights are perfect for both men and women looking for kettlebell weights set for their home gym. Covered in a vinyl, PVC coating, these kettle bells are filled with sand and held together with heavy duty stitching to prevent damage under repeated use and during repetition cycling and sets. The handle is similar to that of a competition style kettlebell as it is squared for a comfortable and natural grip during your workout. Unlike many kettle bells that are constructed of cast iron or steel, the soft protective material on the Valor Fitness SKB's prevents the wrist and other parts of the body that may come in contact with the kettlebell from bruising during workouts - this soft outer shell also prevents damage to home gym flooring. Each kettle bell, sold individually, has the weight listed in lbs and kg and features a flat-bottomed design to keep the weights organized and prevents them from tipping over.
Part Number: 844192007931

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