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SQ-BOX Adjustable Squat Box
SQ-BOX Adjustable Squat Box

SQ-BOX Adjustable Squat Box

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Regardless of experience, strength, or skill level, you can always continue to work on your weight lifting technique! Squats are a common workout to create power, strength, and explosiveness while improving mobility, and one way to improve your squatting technique/form is by implementing box squats in your training! The Valor Fitness SQ-BOX Adjustable Squat Box is a strong piece of workout equipment with a 17.75" x 17.75" top platform that teaches you to sit back into your squat. This is vital for squat help, by improving your squat performance while also serving to prevent injury. The difference between free squats and box squats is pretty simply: instead of moving directly from eccentric phase (the descent into the squat) to concentric phase (ascent from the squat) in a free squat, now you squat directly onto a platform between the eccentric and concentric phase. In free squats you can take advantage from the spring of the eccentric phase to almost bounce back to the top. But with box squats, you no longer have this advantage and instead you are forced to begin your ascent back to the top of the rep from a stopping point with no momentum - this will directly increase power and explosiveness of your posterior chain so you can explode out of the bottom position in your free squats! Because of this, it is important to note that box squats should not replace free squats, but instead it should be supplemented and added to your training to improve your free squat!  With a footprint of 18.25" x 22.25", the SQ-BOX Squat Box has a 5" range of height adjustment, with a minimum height of 11" and a maximum of 16". The included screw pin and lock catch allow you to adjust the Squat Box to your preferred height to ensure you get the proper range of motion/depth in your box squat. The pin and lock catch also serve as a safety measure, by keeping the Squat Box in a stable position so it will not give or move as you sit back into your squat onto the box. Max weight load of 750 lb.

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