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ST-24 Timer

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ST-24 Valor Fitness Timer
Part Number: 844192006354
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The Valor Fitness ST-24 Digital Workout Timer is an essential tool for any fitness environment that requires constant track of time for their programming. Featuring 4” LED numbers set within a matte black lens and aluminum case, the illuminated display of the ST-24 can be seen without difficulty. Measuring 25” x 8”, this Digital Workout Timer can be mounted to the wall for complete visibility throughout your gym, which is ideal for any fitness environment where athletes need to track their time. With the included remote control, the clock can be set for military or standard time, used for interval timers, count down or count up timers, a TABATA timer, and as a stopwatch timer. Users can also easily create and save custom intervals to meet the needs of their programming and repeat workouts later without having to create a new interval. If you are looking to keep track of time for your athletes’ workouts, then the Valor Fitness ST-24 is exactly what you need for your gym.

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