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ST-Mini Mini Garage Timer
ST-Mini Mini Garage Timer

ST-Mini Mini Garage Timer

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The Valor Fitness ST-Mini Mini Digital Workout Timer is an essential tool for any garage or home gym. Featuring 2 ¾” LED numbers set within a matte black lens and aluminum case, the illuminated display of the ST-Mini can be seen without difficulty. Measuring 12.5” x 3.5”, this Mini Digital Workout Timer has a small enough footprint so it can easily be transported around your gym setting without taking up a lot of space. With the included remote control, the clock can be set for military or standard time, used for interval timers, count down or count up timers, a TABATA timer, and as a stopwatch timer. Users can also easily create and save custom intervals to meet the needs of their programming and repeat workouts later without having to create a new interval. If you are looking to keep track of your time for your favorite workouts at home, then the Valor Fitness ST-Mini is exactly what you need.

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