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MB-3B Stirrup Handle Machine Bar
MB-3B Single Stirrup Handle Bar w/ Rubber Grips
Out of Stock
MB-20 Lat Pull Down Bar 20
MB-20 20" Solid Steel Lat Pull Bar
Out of Stock
MB-28 Lat Pull Down Bar 28
MB-28 Lat / Accessory Bar
Out of Stock
MB-38 Lat Pull Down Bar 38
Out of Stock
 MB-47 EZ Curl Bar 47
MB-47 / 47" EZ-Curl Bar
Out of Stock
MB-48 Lat Pull Down Bar 48
MB-48 48" Solid Steel Lat Pull Bar
Out of Stock
 MB-47B Olympic Curl Bar 47
MB-47B 47" Curl/Tricep Bar
Out of Stock
LM-7 Landmine Post
LM-7 Valor Fitness Post Landmine
Out of Stock
 OB-Hex Super Hex Trap Bar
OB-HEX Super Hex Trap Bar
Out of Stock
 OB-MULTI Swiss Bar
OB-Multi - Multi Grip Olympic Bar
Out of Stock
EB-28 Dip Station Bars
EB-28 - Valor Fitness Dip Station Bars
Available In Stock
OB-FW  Farmer Walk
OB-FW ValorPRO Farmer Walk
Out of Stock
OB-Log-10 Strongman Log 10
Out of Stock
OB-Log-8 Strongman Log 8
Available In Stock
 OB-HXP Parallel Trap Bar
Out of Stock
OB-ADJ Adjustable Trap Bar
Out of Stock
 OB-DL Deadlift Bar
Out of Stock