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TH-RR Thigh Roller

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The Valor Fitness TH-RR Thigh Roller is a great self-myofascial release massage tool that massages away bodily stress and aids in muscle recovery. This tool has 4 spinning gears, measuring 2.5” apart, that massage into aching muscles while evenly distributing pressure to help break up lactic acid within your muscles. The TH-RR improves circulation, reduces soreness, and alleviates tension and discomfort so you can perform your favorite workouts and activities to your greatest ability. The ergonomic handles ensure a comfortable grip so you can focus on the relief your body needs. This portable tool, measuring 19.75” long, can easily be stored and used anywhere with its compact and lightweight design and is ideal for any athlete or physical therapy, yoga, Pilates, or personal training studio.

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